Redmask & the Handbook for Superheroes

Welcome to the official website for the engaging, fantastically illustrated and exciting children's book series Handbook for Superheroes! Maybe you, your child or your students have previously followed Lisa aka Redmask, and her journey, or the Handbook for Superheroes is new to you. Here you will find info about the book series Handbook for Superheroes, about the authors Agnes and Elias Våhlund, as well as our own web shop where you can buy books, fun stuff and merchandise related to the book series.

What is the Handbook for Superheroes?

Handbook for Superheroes is a series of exciting children's books about Lisa, who has moved to a new town and gets bullied until she one day finds a handbook for superheroes in the library. Through this "Handbook for Superheroes" Lisa begins her journey to become the superhero Redmask. Her everyday life changes from bullying, insecurity and exclusion to superhero studies with lots of enemies to defeat. Her newfound strengths also help her to deal with and process her social situation. The books are mainly aimed at children between 6-9 years but are just as exciting and meaningful even for older children and adult readers.

Since the first book was released in 2017, Handbok för Superhjältar has been praised both for its exciting plot and beautiful design, as well as children's books about bullying and exclusion. The series has won several awards, including the Crime Time Award for children in 2018. The books combine an exciting and engaging plot with cool illustrations and meaningful messages.

Children's books about bullying and exclusion

Handbook for Superheroes was born out of the desire to help children exposed to bullying. The idea was born when the author Elias Våhlund's daughter, then 9 years old, told that she was bullied at school. Together with his wife Agnes, Elias wanted to create stories that could form the basis for discussions about bullying at school.

Lisa's journey is relatable and highlights several perspectives on the issue of bullying. The power required to become a superhero is already within her - it is within all of us. But in order to achieve her goals she must train hard and be patient. Nothing of importance has ever come easy. Becoming a superhero also does not magically solve her problems with loneliness, bullying and exclusion. Self-acceptance, learning to stand up for oneself and finding the courage and strength to do so is also part of Lisa's journey. It does not hurt, however, that the Handbook teaches her that she already has the power to manage everything within herself, but she must believe in herself and be ready to work for it. Like the superpowers, her personal and social journey is presented in a way that can be related to and feels achievable.

In addition, the bullies' perspectives are also highlighted in the books, and like Lisa, they are portrayed in a related and human way. They are not just bullies and opponents, they are people with fears and weaknesses that can change and grow. Maybe that's why the Handbook for Superheroes series pays homage as much as children's books on the subject of exclusion and bullying.