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If you have any questions about the books or our work, you are welcome to contact us! For us, it is important to be able to write books for children with such a strong value base on these very important topics; friendship and bullying between children. We are very grateful for all the attention and popularity that the series has received since it began to be published, and that we get to share both a super exciting story and our values ​​through these children's books.

Children's books about friendship

The values ​​in the Handbook for Superhero Books are mainly about the equality of all children. But it is also about both bullying and exclusion among children as well as personal development and friendship. Like adults, children have complex relationships, and nothing is black and white. An important message in the book series is that everyone already has what it takes to achieve everything they want within themselves, as long as they are ready to work for it. This means that everyone can change and develop. As individuals, in their abilities and skills and socially, together with others. You can also influence other people to develop and build friendships with your former enemies, although it is also important to respect and emphasize that forgiveness takes time and requires that the person who has been mean towards you has really changed. We learn behaviors from the media at all ages, but as children we may be affected even more. Especially when it comes to topics such as friendship and bullying, which are too complex for a teacher to summarize everything on a whiteboard. That is why it is important for us to write children's books with a clear set of values ​​about friendship, bullying, exclusion and learning to believe in oneself.

How important is a value base in children's books?

In the children's books in the Handbook for Superheroes series, the values ​​are very important. The books are about friendship, exclusion and bullying, while at the same time staging an exciting story that engages readers. For us, it is important to package these issues, which we know are constantly present for children at the ages we turn to, in a way that children can absorb, relate to and learn from. Which they can feel inspired and touched by. At the same time, it is important for our values, together with the fact that we create children's books, that we actively encourage children to seek help if they find themselves in a situation similar to Lisa's, or if they have a friend or classmate who is teased. or bullied. Therefore, we include a page at the end of each book where children are encouraged to talk to their parents, teachers or school nurse if they are or know someone who is being bullied. The number for BRIS and their opening hours is also clearly listed.